How to delete Roqqu account Permanently

Are you looking for a guide on how to delete Roqqu account permanently? You are in the right place. This article will provide you with the steps on how to permanently delete Roqqu account.

Roqqu is a popular crypto exchange app in Nigeria with over 500k downloads on Google play store. It’s one of the best crypto exchange platforms to exchange cryptocurrencies with the local currency (Naira).

Roqqu is good but some users’ complaints have given the impression to delete their account on Roqqu. Some customers complain of losing funds or not getting credited when they deposit in their Roqqu account.

Roqqu may not be the platform you like, so we can’t say their platform is bad because of the good reviews we’ve read about them.

If you want to delete your Roqqu account then you’re welcome here.

Why delete your Roqqu account?

You can’t just wake up one morning and says “Let me delete my Roqqu account ”, it’s obvious you’re dissatisfied with their services and that’s one of the reason to delete your account.

You’re a dissatisfied customer

One of the most popular opinion that could lead to the deletion of Roqqu account is a dissatisfaction. It’s not bad to be dissatisfied, there are many other crypto exchange platforms you can choose from.

In most cases, you can contact Roqqu support if you’re dissatisfied with their service and they should help you.

Not having the cryptocurrency you want

You may decide to delete your Roqqu account if you don’t find the cryptocurrency you want to buy listed. If you’re used to Binance and other big crypto exchange platforms, then Roqqu might be deficient for you.

It’s below expectations

When your friend referred you to Roqqu, you might think the app is the best in the world the way he/she sugar-coated the platform due to commission. You can later discover that it’s below what you’re told.

Poor Service

Roqqu poor service is another thing to consider delete their app. Although, no platform is perfect but their poor service by users experience is too much.

How to deactivate or delete Roqqu account?

Deleting your Roqqu account could be the best decision if you’re a dissatisfied customer, however, you can contact their support for help.

As at the time of writing this article, there is no option to delete your Roqqu account from the app.

Does that mean you can’t delete your Roqqu account?

You can delete the account by sending mail to Roqqu support to delete your account.

  • Send a mail with the subject ‘Delete My Account’, by using your registered email address. Send the mail to or call +(234) 906 167 7506,+(234) 813 713 7638.

Roqqu should delete your account after you send an mail. You might asked “What else to do after deleting your Roqqu account?”. You should have an alternative after deleting Roqqu account.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange platform, it’s better than Roqqu and it’s the best alternative you can find as a Nigerian.

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